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Child & Family Psychiatry

We have many years of practice experience in treating both children and adults for an array of psychiatric and mental health disorders. Contact us today to set up your initial appointment for either the Phoenix or Peoria locations.


Military & First Responders

As veterans ourselves, we have a special place in our hearts for those who risk their lives everyday for our community. We specialize in crisis management, treating post traumatic stress disorders, and family systems issues.


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Our staff includes a psychiatric nurse practitioner who is double board certified as a Family Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist.



We Are Always Ready To Help You

Our goal is to help our clients find the best solution for their problems. We make sure to acknowledge all factors that may be contributing to the illness, this way we can decide the best possible treatment. We specialize in:











We Specialize In

Ketamine & Spravato Treatment

Ketamine treatment offers new hope to those whose lives have been shattered by ongoing mental health conditions as well as those in acute situations where the impact of trauma can be life-altering.

TMS Therapy

TMS is a Non-invasive FDA cleared procedure that is prescribed and administered in our clinic by a licensed and trained psychiatric provider. It is for use in the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in adults ages 22 to 70 who have failed to gain positive results from antidepressant medications.

Military & First Responders

Whether you or a family member are currently active-duty or have previously served in the Armed Forces in time of war or peace, we want to help repay our country’s debt to you by providing the best-informed care possible and honoring your sacrifice with honor, dignity, and a sense of pride.

Professional & Helpful

Positive quality of life, happiness, great health, and functional family relationships




Jeff has been our provider for over 4 years. We even left the previous provider network and sought him out when he opened his own practice because of the time he takes with our child. He genuinely wants the best for him and our teen looks forward to the conversations. He has learned so much from Jeff and his staff. If there is a med issue or you need an emergency appointment, his staff is attentive and understanding. I have recommended his office to several friends.

Jessica S.

Jeff & his staff have created an amazing environment for patients. His office is inviting & extremely comfortable. I highly recommend Jeff’s methods for treatment. Phenomenal facility.

Christal V

I just want to say how great Jeff and his staff are. I am so thankful that I found a great psychiatric doctor for my son. I would recommend them 100 percent.

Ashley B

I have been going to Foundations for Change for over a year and am grateful for the positive impact in my life. Jeff is someone who has shown me that he really cares about his patients and is willing to ask the hard questions and listen for real answers. The behavioral health space is difficult with lots of turn over and I find that Jeff was a breath of fresh air. I choose to go to the office and pay cash because I know that this office is better than the vast majority out there. I have always found his office staff to be professional, kind, and willing to work with me. If I ever even had a concern I was able to bring it to Jeff and he would listen to what I had to say. I have recommended his office to several people.

Jessica B.

I've had a great experience with Jeff and his entire staff! I recommend him to anyone that is having problems with their kids. He is very understanding and has really cared about my sons wellbeing. He makes sure that if he is having issues that it is addressed in a timely manner. Thank you again Foundation For Change you have really helped my son.

Angie K.

I have been struggling with severe depression and anxiety over the last several years with very little hope. Last year, I started seeing Jeff and Marie for ketamine infusion therapy at Foundations for Change. After completing the initial 2 week infusion treatments, my outlook on life improved drastically. Since then, I have been receiving ketamine infusion treatments on a monthly basis which has given me hope again. I am very grateful for Jeff, Marie, Melvin and the rest of the team for their services and support during this past difficult year for me.

Damien G.

I can not thank the staff and Dr Jeff enough for helping me out of a very dark place. I feel that the treatment has allowed me to “live” again. There are options for non-pharmocological therapies as well

Lorilynn D.

Foundations for Change has been a great asset to the treatment of my son and his ADHD and mood disorder. Jeff is through and takes the time to listen to any issues we have had since the last appointment. They even call me back after hours.

Traci R.

Dr. Jeff and Christina along with all the staff here have helped my daughter who is now 10 with so much. She is doing so much better and learning how to work on herself. In the past 6 months she has learned so much and is thriving. These guys are amazing!! My daughter has dealt with alot and these people have given her a second chance at life.

Caril S.

Jeff helped me to become who I am today I wouldn't have a job or plans to enlist without his help. Its been two years now since I stopped seeing him and I feel amazing.

Spencer S.

I recently found the courage to not only admit but also tend to mental health concerns that I have been ignoring for more than two decades. I saw the ketamine treatment pamphlets while sitting in the lovely lobby at Foundations for Change waiting for my son's appointment. I thought, "Wow, this is really a thing?" I proceeded to conduct my own research and requested a consultation. Any questions, ambivalence, and anxiety were all alleviated by the Foundations for Change team and their highly skilled leader, Jeff Edelman. The team provided my ketamine treatment with consistent consideration to the entire process being comfortable and fully focused on my wellness. The treatments are easy, safe, and I saw an immediate impact. To my surprise, and I must be honest, I was a bit skeptical, by the time I reached completion of the treatment, I was experiencing something I had not felt in years...contentment. I have felt more grounded, centered, motivated, clear-minded, and ready to address several issues that I have been stuffing down for years. I faced minimal side effects (no more than a headache the first few days after treatment began). Being a licensed mental health professional, I would highly recommend further exploring this treatment to anyone that has struggled with resistant or chronic mental health conditions.

Heather B.

We are very happy so far with our experience. My son bonded immediately with Jeff Edelman and feels relaxed in his presence. We feel listened to and valued and there is great rapport. I feel confident that my son will get good treatment during his time here.

Corinne Y.

Dr. Edelman is amazing with my 9 year old son who struggles with anxiety and anger management! He is very down to earth and straight forward, and knows what he is doing. He won't take any excuses or complaining, but also encourages and uplifts his patients. He makes my son feel confident and ready to face the world! We drive all they way from Prescott to see Dr. Edelman because he's just that good!

Megan H.


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