So anyway… squirrel!

“So anyway… squirrel!”

How many times have you heard this as a joke about you or your children with short attention spans? This can be funny because children inherently have lots of energy and can sometimes have difficulty sitting still, paying attention or controlling impulsive behavior. Part of growing up is the natural process of learning to control these impulses and develop the discipline and skillsets to sit and learn, even when something is boring. After COVID-19, most of us have used that skill to make it through remote meetings and PowerPoint presentations! Some children and adults however have more difficulty than others with this skill development and it affects their academic and home life.

Just because you’re different doesn’t mean all hope is lost!

You may be unique, but your case is not so totally different that you can’t get help. Our providers understand the difficulty of coping with ADHD! In fact, Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting 11% of school-age children (Visser, et al., 2014). That’s a lot of people! Symptoms for about 75% of these cases can continue into adulthood (Brown, 2013). Our therapies are geared towards helping people struggling with ADHD, children and adults alike, and can give you the tools necessary to overcome this hurdle.

How do I know if ADHD treatment at FFC is for me?

We’re glad you asked. Each person is different and unique, so please reach out to our office to schedule a consultation. Our providers will be happy to work with you on a customized game plan to address your concerns. Below are a few common traits however which may indicate you’re a prime candidate for treatment at Foundations for Change.

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