TMS in the News — treat Major Depressive Disorder

For people who haven’t responded well to interventions with medication or feel stuck in a current treatment plan for Major Depressive Disorder, transcranial magnetic stimulation may be a great option. Jeff Edelman at Foundations for Change is a huge proponent of FFC’s NeuroStar in-house treatment system for patients when it’s appropriate, but it can get old just listening to Jeff rattle off the benefits of feeling better with this non-invasive procedure and the fact that it’s covered by many insurance plans. Listen to TV Channel WHO 13 in Des Moines, Iowa look at a mental health clinic there using the same treatment technology and methods.

Is it safe though?

Yes! This is a great way to help yourself heal from depression through stimulation of “depressed” brain cells. This is a non-invasive way to help creating increased healthy brain functioning and brain health. Here is a video from NeuroStar about their advanced TMS therapy. The video explains how the Foundations for Change staff accurately targets stimulation in certain regions of your brain, regulates dosage to accurately treat every patient individually, and more.

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