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Giving new hope to YOU!

Struggling with mental health can make you feel like you’re all alone and the only one feeling the way you are.  Please know, that is not the case!  Jeff Edelmna, Yale trained psychiatric nurse practitioner, would love to meet you and see if Foundations for Change can be of any help.  Like the name implies, Foundations for Change is all about change… changing the way you’re feeling, changing your life in a positive way, and changing how the public sees mental health.  Ketamine injections are one of many methods we employ to ensure the best and most affordable outcomes for patients, including a variety of holistic wellness techniques and products.

What does Ketamine injection therapy treat?  

For people struggling with depression, needing crisis intervention, PTSD, OCD, post partum depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and much more, ketamine injection therapy might be a great solution.   You can read all about the therapy here, but here are the highlights:

Ketamine is approved for use in hospitals and other medical settings as an anesthetic. It is safe to use in a controlled, medical practice by a trained practitioner. Many people suffering from mental health conditions have tried many therapies with little to no relief from their suffering.

Ketamine therapy offers new hope to those whose lives have been shattered by ongoing mental health conditions as well as those in acute situations where the impact of trauma can be life-altering. Ketamine has been shown to be both effective for chronic mental health issues and as a crisis intervention.

  • Depression Treatment
    • Major depression affects more than 16 million Americans adults and nearly a third of whom don’t find relief from antidepressants. A growing body of research supports the use of ketamine therapy for treating many types of depression – notably when other common therapies like antidepressants have failed.
  • Crisis intervention
    • The effects a traumatic experience on a human being are well-documented and can be – and often are – devastating. Research supports ketamine therapy as a crisis intervention to stop the stress response, which if not addressed quickly after trauma, can result in damaging long-term effects.
  • Other mental health conditions
    • Our clinic is dedicated to the use of ketamine therapy only where emerging evidence shows it to be effective. In addition to depression and trauma, other mental health conditions ketamine can address include: anxiety disorders, OCD, PSTD and eating disorders.

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