What is Foundations for Change?

Who We Are

Thank you for visiting our blog! Foundations for Change is, most simply, the solution to help you feel better. We are a psychiatric practice based in the Phoenix central and northwest valley offering a wide variety of services to patients. Started by Jeff Edelman, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Foundations for Change believes in caring for all patients through appropriate holistic and integrated approaches. As a military veteran with over 16 years in practice as a board certified Family Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, Jeff’s mission is to make sure that no children, veterans, first responders, or adults take their own lives. If you’re feeling depressed or suicidal, please contact us now to get help.

Our Practice Philosophy

Jeff’s practice philosophy is notably different from other providers you may have encountered in the past. These other doctors and similar Nurse Practitioners look at a patient and treat symptoms, rather than the underlying problems. Even in some cases when symptoms are treated, they are only done so with medication or long-term treatment plans. The approach here at Foundations for Change is vastly different… starting with the big loveable AKC registered therapy and facility service dogs right when you walk in the door. Jeff is an Army veteran with two combat deployments and many years served in the military, so he has helped many patients who are military and first responders with a variety of issues from PTSD, family issues stemming from the line of duty, and more. His insight into family and child psychiatry is crucial to providing early intervention for child, adolescent, and family psychiatry treatment for all members of the family from ages 2 through adulthood. ADHD is also one of the many things treated at Foundations for Change, and since the practice is so diverse, we actively incorporate out therapy dogs Melvin, Sophie, and Phoenix.  

These three are all an important part of helping patients to feel more comfortable for their visits, and often help patients feel lower levels of anxiety and depression. The dogs do not of course have to be part of the treatment or sessions if you would prefer or are allergic.

What to Expect

If you’re reading this and aren’t sure whether Foundations for Change is for you, we invite you to call our friendly staff at (602) 399-5792 and ask as many questions as you want! This process is completely discreet and we genuinely care about each and every patient. If email works better for you, please email us at If you decide to schedule an appointment, you’ll then get to meet Jeff Edelman. Once you arrive at one of our offices, whichever best suits your needs, you will be assessed for all factors contributing to whatever you’re struggling with. Short-term and/or long-term recommendations may be made; the Foundations for Change difference is that we do not just necessarily prescribe medication, but also look at holistic options! Your quality of life, health, happiness, and relationships are all incredibly important to Jeff which may mean that either medicating or not medicating may be a better option for your specific circumstance, especially when considering patients who are children. That is why Foundations for Change offers a wide variety of non-medication FDA cleared procedures like TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) for Major Depressive Disorder or other options for chronic mental health issues and as crisis interventions, like Ketamine Therapy and CBD products (over the counter, non-psychoactive) crafted by Jeff himself.

Become a Patient

Thank you for reading! We hope this has given you some insight into Foundations for Change and Jeff’s practice philosophy.

If you have any unanswered questions or want to become a patient, click here!

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To make an appointment call (602) 399-5792 or e-mail  You may also visit our contact page.

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