Why are doctors ALWAYS running late?

Have you ever been in a medical office and wondered why your appointment is running late?  So have we!  We can’t speak for other offices with multiple providers, but at Foundations for Change, Jeff Edelman, NP is the only provider.  His focus is on the highest quality patient care and making sure that each client receives the same level of undivided attention.  Sometimes means running a bit late, but we do our best to schedule accordingly.  In the offices at Foundations for Change, our staff usually does an excellent job getting patients seen on-time and without delay… we do however appreciate your patience and understanding on the rare occasion that your appointment may be running a bit behind!  It’s because we’re providing the same excellent care and our undivided attention to another patient.  You’ll receive the same attention too!

So what are we doing about it?

We value you as a patient, and we value your time as a busy individual.  Jeff started Foundations For Change because he felt a calling to help people.  He does this when it’s most convenient for you, which is also why he opened two offices in different parts of the Phoenix valley. Everyone is served equally regardless of circumstance, status, or beliefs, but Jeff personally is driven by his relationship with God.  This is a foundation for his practice philosophy, which is to help all clients of all ages to meet their goals, be happy, and get where they want to go.  This means that Jeff will customize your care to be efficient, cost effective, and most importantly, medically effective to treat any psychiatric issues.  He may suggest any variety or combination of treatment ranging from talk therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, or prescribing medication after a diagnosis, to ketamine therapy or something more natural and organic like using CBD supplements

Since your health is such a hugely important and personal thing, we promise we will take the time to get to know you and your own unique story!  This means that your appointment may be shorter or a bit longer than what the session is scheduled for, but we’ll ensure that you’re taken care of and feel valued as a patient.  Thank you to all our patients, and a very warm welcome to our future patients!

Questions?  We’ve got answers.  Book now!

To make an appointment call (602) 399-5792 or e-mail  You may also visit our contact page.

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