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Your health OVERALL does not just mean going to your doctor for routine checkups for physical ailments.  Your heart might be beating fine, but how is the rest of you?  Holistic healthcare is the method of treating the entire individual, not just one aspect.  So how does this affect your day to day life?

The Center for Disease Control, or CDC, is most often thought of as the go-to organization for physical ailments.  Surprising to many is that the CDC agrees with a holistic approach to health, stating that “mental and physical health are equally important components of overall health” (CDC, p. 1).   Focusing on your mental health is important to both your physical well-being and happiness as well.  As we change and grow through the journey of life, so does our mental health; that’s why it’s important to seek help when something changes.  

You may read more about mental health from the CDC by clicking here.

Jeff Edelman, founder of Foundations for Change, is no stranger to stress and traumatic events.  As a veteran who’s seen combat and since worked with children, law enforcement, and most other segments of the population, Jeff is very familiar with helping people in distress.  Something stressful to you doesn’t have to be a huge traumatic experience compared to other people’s traumas… your mental health is yours alone and not a comparison.  That is why at Foundations for Change we offer a wide variety of services and can treat many conditions.  Everything from poor sleep quality which can be remedied by CBD oil for anxiety and depression which may be helped by TMS or ketamine therapy, to talk therapy with our service animals and help for ADHD is offered at FFC, and more.

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